Buffet Service

for any occassion

Buffet is probably the most popular form of service for any large event. Buffets are an excellent solution for any social or corporate event as it is cost effective and offers great food variety to your guests! Buffet service is quite flexible as it may vary from a simple menu to a rich, sumptuous banquet. Combining a simple buffet with a Live Cooking station will instantly upgrade your event to an unforgettable experience! 
At Aelia Catering you will find plenty of choices and themes for your event ranging from Greek traditional buffet with local delicacies to a Sea Food buffet with live cooking and carving stations! Our modern equipment and presentation style will definitely create an event worth talking about!

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Set Menu

for formal sit down events

A plated, sit down menu is considered one of the most traditional and formal option for any social event. Each guest is individually served a plated meal at the table.
Many options are available at Aelia Catering, where you may choose between a 3-Course or a 4 Course Menu, from Greek traditional to modern cuisine to contemporary International dishes to country specific. You may also mix flavours and styles, creating your own custom menu with dishes of your liking! No matter what menu you choose, Aelia Catering with its team of professionals will deliver the best outcome!

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Family Style Dining

for intimate celebrations, family style!

An intimate approach to celebration - family style dining - has gained popularity in the recent years due to it combines plated meal and a buffet dinner. All food is served in elegantly decorated platters and bowls at the table and shared among the guests, allowing everyone to take as much or as little as they want.
At Aelia Catering you will find many options for your event, taking into consideration your likes, your event's style and size, among other factors, and rest assured we will organize an unforgettable event for you and your guests!

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Food Stations

an interactive approach to buffet

A different approach to buffet service - food stations - combine the variety of choices of the buffet and live cooking features. As opposed to a buffet setup with a beginning and an end, food stations are set independently from each other where guests may enjoy any food of their liking at any point during the event.
At Aelia catering we can create a unique interactive dining experience with several choices for live cooking such as BBQ station, live pasta or risotto station, raw station and a pizza station to name a few, where guests enjoy fresh and delicious food, prepared in front of them!

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Finger Food & Canape

for cocktail events or pre-dinner treat

Finger food is a great choice for any cocktail event or an equally good choice for a pre-dinner event, as a flying buffet or set at the welcome table!

At Aelia Catering you will find many options for your Finger food menu, from a simple pass around canape to a light lunch for an opening event to a tasty treat for your Christmas party!

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Street Food

for casual gatherings

Street food concepts are gaining constantly popularity as it is versatile, affordable and fun especially for an outdoor event! Gyros, pizza, boa buns, tacos or burgers may be beautifully themed to a country or a style and create a fun and easy going event!
This concept is ideal for an outdoor engagement or a bachelor party, birthday party or a corporate event! Whatever the reason your guests will love it!

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Brunch & Coffee breaks

Refreshemnts, coffee, light lunch ... for corporate events or casual social gatherings!

When the time calls for a morning or noon event, brunch is the perfect solution! Light lunch with sandwiches, eggs, muffins and pies accompanied by refreshments and hot beverages is an ideal option for your guests! From a summer christening at the church yard to a relaxing wedding brunch to company meetings, Aelia Catering has the perfect solution!
Coffee breaks are an ideal solution for corporate meetings and events. Freshly brewed coffee, homemade cakes and pies, fresh juice and nutritious smoothies will give your guests the energy they need to keep it going!

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Bar Catering

for a fun event

Whatever the occasion, Aelia Catering is happy to provide you with our Bar services! Our highly experienced bartenders would be happy to create a unique set of services specifically designed for your event. Aelia Bar catering comes in many different forms and styles to suit your needs and blend with the styling of your event! Aelia retro bar van for a boho wedding, a wooden bar set for a more rustic feel or an all white set up for an elegant event!
Private party bar or a christening, wedding open bar or a bar for a corporate event, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes! Signature cocktails, quality alcohol and highly experienced personnel is what make Aelia Bar the best choice!

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Aelia Wedding Cantina

for any type of event

Aelia Wedding Cantina, a retro caravan, is a fully equipped mobile kitchen that can support any type of event.
Aelia Wedding Cantina set up at the location of the event, is a stylish and a contemporary addition suitable for any outdoor event! It enables several options and many food concepts may be provided with the cantina creating interactive and fun ambiance , as the food is prepared  in front of the guests like at any open kitchen establishment!

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